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Animation Comeback with Retro GIFs

As many websites look to incorporate more video, animation can also be a fun way to engage viewers and spice up your website's look. Animated GIFs avoid the hassles of Flash and offer a simple way to add fun images. Retro GIFs is a collection of more than 40,000 FREE animated GIFs!

Simply retro gifs - all animated, all for free! When all is said and done, our collection has GIFs in many categories! GIFs are cool and these retro GIFs are great fun. Just grab, nab, share, use, and most of all have fun!

The spirit of sharing is caring. Perhaps free stuff isn't always free - but these truly are. Use these GIFs as you please, but if you do link back so others can grab and share, too. Be decent. Don't be evil like Google. Give us a shout on your favorite social network, too! Happy downloading!

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